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About Developer Network:

This Developer Network website was designed, programmed and developed by Sven Ericsson.

 ACEnet AIS GmbH Since a long time, we at the ACEnet office in Switzerland, have been looking for a multi-user solution that allows the saving of programmed source-codes for our developers and programmers situated in many different countries around the world, such as Germany, France, Switzerland and the USA. In the past, everybody had to save carefully his codes in an simple TEXT or HTML file, and had to spend even more time to find that code again than programming it.
 SIZ We accepted the request of Sven Ericsson to develop this project for his SIZ diplome-work to optain the title of diplomed WebPublisher SIZ.

Kerstin Ericsson / President of ACEnet GmbH

ACEnet GmbH contacts:

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ACEnet Advanced Internet Solutions GmbH
I.Z. Grands-Longs-Champs 31
CH - 1562 Corcelles-près-Payerne / VD

Fone & fax: +41-26-660.13.87


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