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Copyrights & statement

Important copyrights & statement informations :

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ACEnet will NOT sell out your personnal details to thirds, and will only send you monthly newsletters when YOU accept to save your e-mail adresse into our mailing-list.

Only a registred and logged in user can see your personal details by looking up your profil for exemple via a link on a source-code you have entered or a forum message you have posted. This is to allow a quick contact between him or her and you.
A user cannot see or have access to your e-mail adresse, whatever he will send to you, your address is not given by us. Our Express Mailer doesn't display anywere your e-mail addresse!
Non registred and logged-in users cannot see these functions.

Copyrights and how to use:


All rights of this website are reserved to Sven Ericsson, developer for ACEnet.

All rights of the programmed scripts, source codes and their explications/descriptions are reserved to their own developers. On each code-page, the author is mentionned and you can at any time open up a contact with him.
You are ever free to use their codes, scripts and explications/descriptions so long you're NOT selling the work of other out !
ACEnet doesn't take any responsabilities on what a Developer Network user added into the database.

We are trying to admin carfully the content of this website, but cannot guaranty that we have got really a look over all its contents.

The small navigation-tools icons, right side on the top of the page, are coming from the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
We think that it is more helpfull for users to use familiar icons.

This website uses cookies to detect if a user is logged in or not. We don't go round to sniff on your machine.

Registered Trademarkes:


ACEnet GmbH is a registered informatik compagny in Switzerland. For more infos, go to But carefully, we are restrukting...!

Developer Network is one of its satelite stations.

Access, Internet Explorer and Windows are registred trademark of Microsoft Corporation, USA. For more infos, go to

WebPublisher SIZ is a registred trademark of the Swiss Informatik Certifications, Switzerland. For more infos, go to

ICQ is a registred trademark of ICQ Inc., USA. For more infos, go to


ACEnet AIS GmbH & Sven Ericsson, stand: september 2002.